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Torrie Fischer

1623 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Persa , Torrie Fischer 1623 days ago
Persa Meeting Notes - June 12, 2013
HackNEO Wrap Up
  • Network was iffy - get someone in early to look at it
  • Number of hotspots increased
Project Overview
  • ParkScore
  • CartoDB
  • CVNP data
  • Census API
  • FCC Addressing
  • Query those census blocks for specific census data
Hack Night Model Breakout 
  • Wifi Mapping - Torrie
Torrie F
  • Crowdsourced Bus Delay Tracker - Torrie
  • Charity Mapping - G
  • Volunteer Orgs - find an org to volunteer for - using IRS data on nonprofits
Civic Action outside of the application
  • No one repo for all parks in the local area
  • Make contacts with different orgs to make these things availabe 
  • Opportunities for non-programmers
1635 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Torrie Fischer , Persa 1635 days ago
  • Bring in namecards and markers
  • Pack up books/swag
Torrie F Torrie's Phone number, if needed: 440-858-3382

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