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1623 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Persa , Jess Pomfret , Jeff Schuler 1623 days ago
Persa Mapping App - June 12th Update
Moved this doc to Google Drive in order to facilitate use with Dispatch:
1623 days ago
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Persa Meeting Notes - June 12, 2013
HackNEO Wrap Up
  • Network was iffy - get someone in early to look at it
  • Number of hotspots increased
Project Overview
  • ParkScore
  • CartoDB
  • CVNP data
  • Census API
  • FCC Addressing
  • Query those census blocks for specific census data
Hack Night Model Breakout 
  • Wifi Mapping - Torrie
Torrie F
  • Crowdsourced Bus Delay Tracker - Torrie
  • Charity Mapping - G
  • Volunteer Orgs - find an org to volunteer for - using IRS data on nonprofits
Civic Action outside of the application
  • No one repo for all parks in the local area
  • Make contacts with different orgs to make these things availabe 
  • Opportunities for non-programmers
1636 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Persa 1636 days ago
Persa 4 Groups to work on this (once we figure out which tasks/groups are left for the event, let's move this list into the Data Challenges collection at http://hackNEO.hackpad.com)
Stephen M
  1. Base Data
  1. DEM/Hillshade
  1. Park Boundaries
  1. Contours (subset to park boundaries)
  1. OSM base layers
  1. Named (GNIS) Database for labeling
  1. Hydrology
  1. Destinations
  1. Use areas: picnic, fishing, trail heads, etc.
  1. Driving destination points: use areas and parks (use areas have single destination point, parks have possibly multiple destination points
  1. Trails and Roads
  1. Conflate trails and road network
  1. Make connections between trail and road network
  1. Connect trail data into destination points, across parks
  1. Identify bridges (bridge level)
  1. Ultimately connect into Portage, Cuyahoga, etc.
  1. Extract 3D profiles
  1. Design
  1. Colors
  1. Icons
  1. DevOps / Web Development
  1. Port to Linode
  1. Fix/change for IP/domain
  1. Modify center/ zoom to
  1. Incorporate design changes
1633 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Persa 1633 days ago
Event Checklist / Planning
Persa Local server for projects w fast connection
Phong notifications of server shutdowns
1651 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Jess Pomfret , Persa 1651 days ago
  • Stench eminating from the valley !!
  • Northwest Akron
Jess P
  • Highland Square
  • Yoga

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