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Stephen Mather

1637 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Stephen Mather , Persa 1637 days ago
Stephen M Trail Application Base Data
  1. OSM extract -- Done!
  1. City and Towns point shapefile:
  1. The cities & towns point shapefile, from National Atlas (http://www.nationalatlas.gov)
  1. Used to plot names onto the map.
  1. USGS National Elevation Dataset:
  1. Select your geographic area, then click Download Data.
  1. Click the button to use the current extent,
  1. select Elevation, then the NED 1/3 arcsecond dataset.
  1. You will be emailed a link to download these files.
  1. Or, you may be able to swap in specific N and W numbers and download the ArcGrids at an URL similar to this:
  1. For example, n41w083 would be a region southwest from Cleveland, Ohio.
1637 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Stephen Mather 1637 days ago
Stephen M --------------------------
Trails Application similar to http://maps.clevelandmetroparks.com
4 Groups to work on this
  1. Base Data
  1. DEM/Hillshade
  1. Park Boundaries
  1. Contours (subset to park boundaries)
  1. OSM base layers
  1. Named (GNIS) Database for labeling
  1. Hydrology
  1. Destinations
  1. Use areas: picnic, fishing, trail heads, etc.
  1. Driving destination points: use areas and parks (use areas have single destination point, parks have possibly multiple destination points
  1. Trails and Roads
  1. Conflate trails and road network
  1. Make connections between trail and road network
  1. Connect trail data into destination points, across parks
  1. Identify bridges (bridge level)
  1. Ultimately connect into Portage, Cuyahoga, etc.
  1. Extract 3D profiles
  1. Design
  1. Colors
  1. Icons
  1. DevOps / Web Development
  1. Port to Linode
  1. Fix/change for IP/domain
  1. Modify center/ zoom to
  1. Incorporate design changes

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