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Jeff Schuler

1623 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Persa , Jess Pomfret , Jeff Schuler 1623 days ago
Persa Mapping App - June 12th Update
  • Jeff:
  • Get Summit into good shape - happy to present the app
  • What does it need to be for the MVP? Scopefix
  • Getting it into a place where we can invite more participation
  • Documentation
  • Make github repo secure so we can pass it out
  • Creating something reusable so 
Ultimate goal?
  • Find a trail, hike a trail
  • Maximum utility on a trail? Is it where you are at? Or how to get there?
  • Work on the app that exists currently
  • Functional requirements and technical requirements
  • Elevation maps -> rating system
  • Bike accessible vs. hiking trails
  • Ability for businesses that are nearby to be plotted 
  • ameneties: restaurants, bathrooms, water fountains
  • User submissions
  • yelp integration? or some social integration?
  • peer review? 
  • review from admin?
  • report this button?
  • How to join the development together (of CLE and Summit) -- they don't have version control right now --
  • need to develop in tandem
  • Create modularity / plugins / base classes
  • Security
  • a barrier for contributions
Jess P Carlton's location app - http://carltonramsey.com/
  • graphs current location lat/lon
Jeff S John Fitzpatrick - fitz@wans.net
Carlton Ramsey - eccentricDBA@outlook.com
Jess Pomfret - jpomfret7@gmail.com
Jeff Schuler - jeff@websubstrate.com
Persa Zula - persa@persazula.com
Persa James Brosnahan - jbros1@tormail.org
Jeff S Sandra - amazonengr@gmail.com 
Jeff S Other ideas
  • Making GIS data available as open data through the site as well
  • Loops
  • Find a trail, hike a trail
  • Trail ratings
  • Amenities: restrooms, restaurants
  • User submissions
  • Social/participatory
  • Show "Here's where this project came from and how to contribute"
Persa John : 
  • functional requirements
Persa :
  • moving hackpad docs to wiki
  • acquire data
G :
  • keepass db
Carlton :
  • docs / rebuild
James :
  • how to the code is structured to see what can be seperated, modules into code
Jess :
  • look into documentation

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