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Trever Fischer

1670 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Trever Fischer , gsvolt 1670 days ago
  • City-wide event calendaring, sortable, categorized, and rated by maturity
Trever F
  • Akron Public Library
  • Downtown Akron Partnership
  • Meetup.com
  • Other area groups?
  • Rickshaw (pedicab) services for local events (see G for more details)
  • in progress, see Persa for more details
  • We are standing up CKAN, DKAN, and Open Data Catalog
  • A map of ConnectAkron's signal
  • Network with NEOSCC for long-term projects
1670 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Trever Fischer 1670 days ago
Hacking has an interesting social definition, due to news reports regarding computer terrorism, and a few badawesome movies from the 90's. But in reality, we use the term "hacking" as a way to represent the tinkering and experimentation that we do using open data.

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